APM for Window 1.0

  • First release on Windows! Get it while it's hot!

APM for Mac 1.1.5

(this is a pre-release of 1.2 that will be available on Mac App Store soon™)
  • The app can now be bought directly from Paddle.
  • Right-clicking the status icon will open a menu with quick access to common features.
  • All panels have been redesigned to use SNRHUDKit, since regular HUD panels were bugging so much on retina displays.
  • The popover will now hide properly when you click somewhere else on the screen.

APM for Mac 1.1

  • Global hotkeys - quickly reset your session and share on APM.GG while you're gaming!
  • The app is now better at letting you know if anything can be done to get more accurate results in your APM.
  • The app has also been tested on OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

APM for Mac 1.0

  • First release on OS X!