Track your Actions Per Minute, for Mac and Windows

Track your APM

A quick glimpse on your menubar tells you what your average and current APM is. Click the menu item to see a simple graph with a brief look at your APM the last hour.

Share and analyze

Your session data can be anonymously shared on this website, from within the app. You will get a public URL with a more detailed graph, that you can share with your friends.

The data is yours

The data used for the graph can also be exported as a JSON document, that you can use on your own website. We use D3.js on our website, you can use it on yours too!

What is APM?

APM means Actions Per Minute, and is a term often used in e-sports which refers to how many actions a player can perform in a minute.

Some games, like StarCraft 2, has built-in counters for APM. But these are usually filtered to what the game counts as an action.

This app lets you track your APM anywhere, and registers all keystrokes as an action.

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